Art Vista Generator Application’s Privacy Policy

Welcome to Art Vista! This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, store, and share information when you use our Art Vista art generation application. We are responsible to protect your privacy and ensuring the security of your personal information. By using our application, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy.

1. Information Collection and Use:

When you use Art Vista Art Generator Application, we may collect different types of information for various purposes to provide and improve our services to you.

(a) Information given to us by you:

While using our application, we may ask you to provide certain personally identifiable information (PII) that can be used to contact or identify you. This may include your name, email address, or other contact details. We also receives information that you provides in User Content, and also you can send us messages through the service. We as a Art Vista only use this information to provide you the features, functionality, operate, maintain, and if you get any issues about the service you can correspond us easily. Providing this information is entirely voluntary, and you may choose not to provide it, but it may limit your access to certain features of the application.

(b) Information given to us from third-party applications:

Our Art Vista generator app can also get information from third parties about you. Such as, if you approach our service through third party connection like Facebook, Google, by liking or following and adding the Art Vista application, linking your account to Art Vista application, etc. Third party might pass that particular information of you to service to Art Vista. The particular information may includes the user ID related to your account i.e. Facebook ID, information you have authorize the third party to share, access token for the service and the information you have made public. Always view privacy policy and you can set your privacy limits and also unlink your account of third party from service by just adjusting your privacy settings on third party’s websites and service before connecting them to the service. we will not receive any of your information if you unlink your third party account and if you choose to merge along a third party application to combine elements into your designs, enhance media, supercharge your plan or share to public media, we take care of receive data from specific apps. If you correspond with us by way of public media, containing Instagram, Facebook or TikTok and select to share your user create content accompanying us, we grant permission receive facts to a degree videos you’ve created, your photograph, your report name and your comments about Art Vista generator app.

Information we get from third party includes your company name, job title, seniority, industry, company size and so on. We might share your information that we collect when you use our service. We only do this to understand your profile and understand your interests so that we can provide you better customized offers and other services to you like relevant offers to you via email, phone, texts and advertising. Third party providers integrate information from our service through tags, cookies and pixel etc., with email to help us to serve you offers according to your interests. If you are not Art Vista subscriber we might get your information from public social media such as LinkedIn or any other third party provider so that we can do marketing of our product offering to you if we find out is it helpful for you. We also receive your data from another Art Vista user i.e. when they share a design with you or with our advertisements, ad networks and other platforms.

You can contact us if you don’t want to share your information for this purpose by just emailing us at

(c) Information taken from Cookies and other technologies:

Third party and Art Vistas will send you cookies whenever you visits the service, cookies like small texts that contains an alphanumeric characters that uniquely identifies your browser of your computer and Art Vista will do things like help you to enhance your navigation and also will remember your likes and dislikes and generally will improve the user experience.

Cookies tell us all the information of actions performed by you like the pages you view, links you searched and clicked and make it easy for us to track your activity and allow us to know about trends and traffic over time, delivers advertisements that might be of your interest and can get new users of the service.

You can also reset and review your cookies and other technologies through web browser, that will allow you to customize your cookies likes and dislikes or to indicate when a cookie is being sent to you. If you disabled cookies it might happens that some functions of the service won’t function properly. Read Art Vistas Coolies Policy carefully if you want more information on how to use cookies and other technologies.

(d) Automatically we get your information:

We automatically collect data of yours directly from the third party analytical tools that help us to check the traffic and trends for the service. The information sent by your browser including the pages you visits or from your mobile phone is collected by these analytical tools.

(e) Web beacons Information:

Web beacons also known as clear GIFs, we engage with web beacons when you use the service that are used to track the usage patterns of Art Vista users anonymously. We also use this in emails sent to that are basically HTML based to track which emails are clicked by recipients and opened by them.

(f) Log Files :

Whenever you access the service each time log file is reported automatically from your mobile or browser.  Our server records the log whenever you use the service and these logs might includes unknown information like your URLs, browser type, exit pages, web requests, number of clicks, domain name, pages viewed, landing pages and how you interact with links.

(g) Device identifier

We access and collect one or more device identifiers, like universally unique identifier (UUID), whenever you access the service on your device whether its mobile phone or a tablet. Its just a small information file that tells about your device and also it might convey the data of how you use the service. This usually remains on your device to help you to login and explore the better service. Device identifiers should be properly paired otherwise some features may not function properly. Device Identifiers used by Art Vistas include the iOS Advertising advertising and Android Advertising ID.

(h) Location of the data

We as Art Vista collects all data to understand where our users are located for some reasons and it also helps us to localize and personalize content, follow local laws understand if users use our service for domestic, business or educational purpose we improve advertising efficiency and estimate the tax liability of Art Vista.

Art Vista collects your approximate location:

– when you purchase products from us, you provide, and confirm your location.

– we Art Vistas, receive your location from your IP address.

– from third party partners or payment providers.

(i) All content present in your account:

We accept all content that you create in Art Vista and data you upload for use such as designs, pictures, videos and documents for your content.

2. Usage of your Information:

(a) Services Provided to you:

Using your information that you directly gives to Art Vistas, let us to allow you to login to Art Vista, maintaining and operating the service giving you the access to designs and all transactions that you made through the service. We use your information that we have automatically to not to ask you again and again whenever you visit or the next time you visits to our site.

(b) Data Analysis:

Art Vista uses your information and this information helps us analyze trends, administer the application, track users’ movements, and gather demographic information for aggregate use.

(c) Predictive Analysis and data:

We analyze your content such as your account activities, content, uploads etc. To provide the customize service or to maintain our algorithms and models using machine learning in order to improve service. We respect your privacy and all your privacy is carried out strictly and for certain purpose of machine learning projects or if we might think it is appropriate to share your information for a certain project we seek your prior consent first.

There are some of the activities:

detecting components in images to enhance your photo editing tools such as red eye correction, blemish, and background removal.

individual data. (i.e. man, tree, cat)

detecting content like copyright material or pornographic by our acceptable use policy for moderation and security purpose.

we translate audio soundtracks also.

analyzing the relevant product offering for a user to make communication and advertising.

(d) Communicate about Service:

By using your information we can communicate and can tell you about such circumstances about the service like by emailing you about some critical issues such as security alerts, technical problems and other matters.

(e)  Engagement and promote Art Vista Service:

We also use your information to update you about several promotions and to know about your preferences by giving you surveys according to your interests and also we make sure that you get the relevant offers and promotions based on your usages of the services.

(f) Improve Services:

We examine the data about the usage of service and your portfolio to better understand how user interacts and engage with our services and also to measure the value of our service so that we can make better improvements and make more reliable for users.

(g) Using for Advertising:

As described above we use cookie information and also the information we got from third party partners about the use of service to serve you better, personalize and measure the value of advertising on service and platforms of third party. That is why we show you advertisements which we think you may find interesting and for the new users who have similar interests.

(h) Taking care Customer happiness:

We accept all your information to provide you better services and also gets reports about your engagement and interaction with service, to resolve all your problems and issues if you might face any issues while using service to ensure you that we can help you by providing you better services.

(i) Security Measures:

We also monitor your activities by using your information that we think is suspicious or violation of your security measures of our Terms of Use, or potentially fraudulent.

(j) Your consent for some specific matters:

Art Vista will seek your consent after every passing time for particular purpose. We will only perform such action when its your consent, whenever you want us to not use your information for particular purpose you may withdraw your consent.

(k) Resolve issues and to improve Services:

We will ask your reviews about your designs to improve and correct the issues and errors to Art Vista Service.

(l) Usage of information for Law Matters:

Art Vista will use your information where we think its necessary for such actions, like reasonable requests of law enforcement’s and to allow our Terms of Use to protect the security of our service, or to protect personal safety of Art Vistas, our users or others.

3. Sharing of Data:

(a) We share your information:

We as a Art Vistas do not misuse users personal information to others. However, we may share generic aggregated demographic information not linked to any personal information regarding visitors and users with our third party business partners, trusted affiliates, and advertisers for the purposes outlined above.

Some Service providers who assists Art Vistas are:

Email service.


Domain name registration.


Hosting and Storage.

Data and Predictive Analysis.

Customer and management.

Marketing and Advertisements.

Machine Learning.

and many others.

(b) Share your user content in such ways:

Posts that are Public:

You can share your Art Vista data to your public accounts such as twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest. You should be well aware of privacy policy of services that apply to the designs you want to share on your social media.

(c) Connection with reorganization:

Art Vista can also share, transfer and even sell your data to our business partners (third party) regarding of any reorganization, financing, merger, bankruptcy, sale of assets or such events that involves Art Vistas or any part of our assets or business. You will be informed by us through email or a notice on the service if such issue takes place and we will try to handle your data under our this privacy policy. The data might consists of customer names, email addresses, user contents and other related data to the service that could be sold, shared or transferred in these transactions.

(d) Data shared with authorities:

We also share and give access of your information to police intelligence, regulators, law enforcement in accordance to our Terms and Conditions or where we have a trust and also to detect, prevent or to address fraud as per given in our Terms of Use or Acceptable Use Policy. As we make sure to protect ourselves from harmful, illegal activity, death or imminent bodily harm.

4. Advertisements:

To deliver you personalized advertisements (ads) of your interest and to measure their effectiveness, identify potential new users of our service, we Art Vistas are partners with third party ad servers, social media platforms i.e. Apple, Google, Meta and Adjust, and ad networks.

We could share your information like email address, cookie information, location and related information to our business partners and also allow them to such advertisements actions that are according to your information and preferences, also will measure effectiveness of these ads. Art Vista will also share some of your information with social media platforms such as Tiktok, Facebook, to display ads to the potential users whose behavior and demographics are similar to our existing users.

Third party ad servers or ad networks will receive your IP address automatically whenever they use technology to send you directly, personalized ads and ad links to your browser or mobile phones. Third party servers could also use other technologies like cookies, device identifiers, JavaScript, web beacons and so on, to compile and analyze your visits to browsers and usage patterns on the service to measure the perfect value of their ads and to customize the advertising content.

We directly collect information of you from you and from third and we does not sell or rent information to these ad servers, ad networks own marketing purposes.

Point to be cleared is advertiser may ask Art Vistas to show an ad on the service to users based on some interests. Art Vista determines the targeted audience and serves advertising to that audience and only provides unknown data to advertisers. And in that case you responds to such ad the adviser may end up by thinking that you fit on the description of the audience they are trying to reach.

Our privacy policy does not apply to and Art Vista can not control the activities of ad servers. Please seek the privacy policies of advertisers or contact them for more information.

5. How we store, protect and transfer your data:

Art Vista transfers all the data we collect about you, whether its your personal information or associated body, to other third parties whether they are from your country (jurisdiction) or from other countries (jurisdiction) around the world. We might share this data that does not have same data protection laws as your jurisdiction. We respect your privacy and will always try to ensure you that your data is protected wherever it is processed and stored with applicable laws.

According to applicable laws, your consent to share information to Pakistan and any other country or region where art vista, its service, its parent, partners, subsidiaries, maintain facilities, use and exposure of information about you as described in this Privacy Policy.

6. Protecting your information:

Its our responsibility to keep your data safe and secure. For your safety and integrity of your information that is being received from the service, Art Vista takes appropriate and relevant steps to verify your identity before giving you access to your account. Art Vista will not ensure you the security of any information on the service that it wont be accessed, altered, destroyed or disclosed. Third party sites and services functionalities that you add to Art Vista like public networks may affect your privacy policy settings. And for this Art Vista is not responsible for the security measures of any third party.

7. Choices about information:

(a) Can control your account settings and information:

You have a right to access and control your account information and for this we provide you choices of how you can process your data. You can simply correct, delete, download the data in your account settings, can request access, correction, deletion of the information Art Vista holds on you by contacting us:

You can also drop out receiving messages in Email Preferences section of your account settings or just by simply clicking the unsubscribe link present in such communications. Whereas, you can not drop out Service related messages such as verification alert, billing and purchase confirmations, changes to features, technical issues, reminders and security alerts.

(b) Enrichment using Third party information:

As we discussed earlier we can combine both the information’s obtained from you and the third party to understand your interests better and your profile so we can provide and deliver you customized offers and other services according to your interests. You can drop out Art Vista for collecting more information about you from third party service providers to tailor your experience and messages we send you

(c) Your information through tracking technologies:

Refer your browsers or mobile technical information’s on how to disable and delete tracking tools and cookies. Depending upon the type of device it may or may not be possible to disable and delete functionalities. Keep in mind that if you disable tracking tools and cookies prevents Art Vista and its third party partners from tracking your activities based on the service.

(d) Rights of your information:

Some countries allow particular rights in respect of personal information. Some of the countries like United Kingdom, Brazil, European Union have right to the following:

– Request that their data be deleted or that we restrict access to it.

– Requests to access their information.

– Requests to resolve their issues in information.

– Objects on us to use their information.

– Requests an electronic version of information.

You can also wish to request in respect of your personal information by contacting us at You can also stop and object to our processing your information for marketing purposes and we ensure you that we will stop processing your data for particular purpose.

In some cases Art Vista will not be able to follow your requests regarding to your personal information, and we can explain you why we are unable to remove any of your data. For instance, we might not  be able to provide any copy of your data where it violates the rights of another user. And it could be possible that you have shared your data with third party servers like publishing your designs on their websites. In that case Art Vista will not be able to remove or delete the information and you will need to contact directly that third party.

8. How long Art Vista keep your information:

After your deactivation and termination of your account [company name] will keep your profile and information, content for reasonable time or as long as Art Vista have a valid reason to do so. [company name] might keep your data for the purpose of allowing with its audit and legal obligations, for archival and backup purposes.

9. Links to other services and websites:

Art Vista is not responsible for the actions that are performed by websites or services that are linked to the service, as well as the data that is present in there. Our privacy policy does not apply to any third party services or websites, so carefully use a link to go from the service to another website. While you are interacting with those links or advertisements that are associated in third party are subjected to third party’s own privacy policy. you do so at your own risk as we are not responsible for and we can not exercise control over any third parties that you have a permit to access your user content. This privacy Policy does not apply to information we collect from other sources.

10. Changes to Art Vistas Privacy Policy:

We might update or make changes to our Privacy Policy from time to time. Any changes will be posted on Art Vista Privacy Policy page. We advice you to review this frequently for any changes. Your continued use of the application after any modifications to the Privacy Policy will constitute your acknowledgment of the modifications and your consent to abide and be bound by the updated Privacy Policy. If we make any practical changes that we use, collect, store and share your data we will inform you on our website or by sending an email to the email address associated with our service.

11. Contact Us:

If you have any queries about this Privacy Policy or the practices of this application, please contact us at


Thank you for using Art Vista! We value your trust and are committed to protecting your privacy.